Adelaide Rodrigues

In October 2005, Adelaide joined LPPS’ team as an assistant of homecare services.  She continues to fully dedicate to her mission and highlights the close relationship she keeps with ADOMI users.


Ana Paula Pinheiro

Ana Paula started her activity at LPPS in 2008 as a general assistant. Her collaboration in the institution is versatile, resulting in several contributions to LPPS projects.

Carla Rosa

When she finished her degree in Social Work in 2001, Carla began her work as volunteer at LPPS integrating the "Mobile Unit for Needle Exchange" team. Between 2004 and 2005 she joined the VAMP project. Since then, she began to act as technical director of the project Adomi, being responsible for a team of seven homecare assistants who daily provide support services to 35 users. She also collaborates in other projects and activities undertaken by LPPS.

Edite Silva

In 1994 she began her activity the LPPS by assuming administrative functions. Since then, besides supporting the implementation of the various projects and initiatives, she also develops and supports the implementation of applications for funding in Health, Environment and Training areas. In 2002, inspired by her work at LPPS, she abandons the course of Accounting and starts her degree in Social Work, which was completed by 2007. As a social worker, she has been responsible for the mediation activities and is a team member of several health promotion initiatives.

Ivo Figueiroa

His activity at LPPS began in March 2001 as a collaborator of administrative services. However, he always gave an active contribution to several initiatives developed within different  LPPS projects, thus being an active member of all teams of the institution.

José Carlos Silva

He integrated LPPS in the distant year of 1970, by performing internal and external services. In 1987 he started as a part-time worker in secretarial services and in 1994 was appointed Head of Department, a position in which he performs functions of a technical nature in various areas, including Personnel and Accounting management.

Manuela Ferreira

Manuela began her activity in LPPS by 2001 , when she integrated ADOMI’s team as an homecare assistant. She is still part of the team, providing her services to users of the project and assisting their families on informal care.

Joana Pereira

Joana holds a graduation in nutritional sciences and a post-graduation in clinical nutrition. She has a relevant background in professional training in several youth associations, particularly on health promotion methodologies. She has started as a volunteer and is currently working as the head dietitian of Sorrir para a Saúde and Pesar Saúde projects. Other tasks including project development and support are also performed.