Become a volunteer


Regardless of your age, profession or study area, if you we intend to collaborate with LPPS voluntarily there are many activities in which we need and will value you dedication, time and work.

At LPPS, we believe that people are the engine of social change. If you wish to help us to build a better society, you may do so by institutional volunteering, helping us to optimize the inner resources of LPPS, or by volunteering on LPPS projects, then having the opportunity to go outside and carry out activities directly with the public.

There are many advantages in volunteering at LPPS. Here you can affect your time to a cause that you embrace, you can find a way to escape from job concerns and to develop a collective activity with many social benefits; if you are unemployed, you’ll find a way to enhance your CV and be certified for your activities as a volunteer... Additionally, you will benefit of the same advantages of our associated members. Also, if you are a parent, you’ll find at LPPS a small organization where your children can develop active citizenship dispositions.

Remember that occasionally, just being a good listener makes a huge difference in the life of an elderly person, a parent, or a young person. So if you have the time and motivation, do not hesitate to volunteer.