In progress since 2001, ADOMI is one of the most important projects of LPPS. It provides home support for dependent persons living alone or without family assistance and is funded by the Portuguese social security system, which makes it almost costless for its beneficiaries.

ADOMI has been under some changes in last few years. It was created to assist drug addicts and HIV positive persons in Oporto city, but the social reality of the city has been pressing LPPS to expand its beneficiaries. Nowadays, ADOMI serves almost exclusively elderly people of the city. It has currently 35 users, and 23 is 65+ years old, which is a clear consequence of the demographic ageing affecting Portugal.

Taking such changes into account, the updated principles and objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the quality of life and health of the dependent persons;
  • To ensure physical and psychological care, as well as social support;
  • To promote autonomous accomplishment, whenever possible, of the everyday life basic tasks (to eat, showering, dressing, etc.);
  • To encourage and strength the relationships between the elder person and his/her family and peers;
  • To collaborate in the promotion of health care access;
  • To avoid institutionalization and social exclusion of the dependent person;
  • To prevent situations of exacerbated dependency.